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Types of accounts


Crediting funds to a brokerage from third parties has a number of restrictions:


1. Brokerage account faces:


Crediting funds from the accounts of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities persons prohibited. The exception is professional market participants.


Crediting funds from physical accounts persons in rubles are possible in cash and non-cash. Currency is not allowed.


Broker account legal faces. Crediting funds is available only from the accounts of the account holder. The exception is professional market participants.

When transferring securities from another depository, you need to:

1. Submit to the depository, where your securities are currently stored, an instruction to write off the securities indicating the details of the depository of LINEXFIN LTD at a higher depository and the grounds for the transfer. Details and grounds can be found here. In addition, they are indicated in the Notification of account opening, which you received in the set of documents at the conclusion of the general agreement with LINEXFIN LTD.

2. Receive at the depository where your securities are currently stored, the details of this depository at the higher depository and the grounds for the transfer that you indicated in the debit order.

3. Submit a counter order to the depository of LINEXFIN LTD for crediting securities with details and reasons from clause 2.

In accordance with the Client Regulations of the Depository, the total term for the execution of submitted orders for crediting / debiting securities is set in 3 (three) business days. It should be borne in mind that the counterparty to the transaction (another depository / registrar) can execute your order within 5 (five) business days. Accordingly, the total execution time is up to 8 (eight) business days.

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